Enchanted Evening

ENCHANTED EVENING IN EDGEWOOD PARK was developed from reference photos and a small color study completed in Emerald Hills, CA. Thanks to Roger Detloff for his wonderful reference photos for this painting. ENCHANTED EVENING was sold at an auction at a public school in Emerald Hills for their yearly fundraiser. Hopefully it hangs in the home of a family who loves. the park.

Enchanted Evening in Edgewood Park.jpg
Ref Photo Ench. Even..JPG


LAST STAND was painted in the studio based on two small color sketches completed on location in Lake Stevens, Washington. I found a small stand of Birch and Alders that seemed to be the last untamed woods left in the neighborhood. I enjoyed the solitude and cool beauty of the trees as their colors ranged from blue to gray to almost green in the the soft Washington Light. I entered LAST STAND in the “Woods and Water” show at the Resin Gallery in Hermosa Beach, CA. It was purchased at the opening night reception by a collector from Manhattan Beach. A second collector saw the artwork and asked me to create a similar painting.

Last Stand.jpg

Lake Machado Green

Recently my painting partner and I visited Machado Lake to paint the early afternoon reflections on the water.  The breeze came up and we lost the reflections, so we took time to enjoy the Egrets, Canadian Geese and other water birds floating by.  I took some photos of the birds to assist in a later studio painting.

Back in the studio I worked on this canvas to paint the smallest reeds, soften some of the greens and add the dappled light on the bank.  This small color sketch is my impression of those bright lime greens I saw that day at the lake. With some work on the blues in the water and sky it will make a nice studio painting.

August on the Lake, 11 x 14, Oil on Linen Panel, Lake Machado, Harbor City, CA, August 25, 2018

August On the Lake_Hughes.JPG

Sur La Brea Sycamores

On Sunday Afternoon I went to Sur La Brea park in Torrance, CA to paint the beautiful old Sycamores on the north side of the park.  It was a sunny afternoon with soft rays of light coming through the trees.  The largest Sycamore glowed with golden brown leaves and pale turquoise skyholes.  While I was painting away, some nice neighbors who live next to the park walked over to bring me a bottle of water and to talk about my painting.  I enjoyed the conversation and the water.  All in all a lovely painting day.


On the Gabrielino Trail

Last Week my friend, Janice, and I traveled to the Arroyo Seco near Pasadena to paint fall trees on the Gabrielino Trail.  We walked a bit and saw Oaks and Sycamores along a dry creek bed.  We found a large sycamore with green, gold and warm browns shining in the morning sun.  We painted about two hours and I came home with this bright yellow Sycamore tree on my canvas that will need more of those wonderful gold, brown and green hues that I saw in the arroyo that morning.